Why You Don’t Need A Bazillion Apps To Be Productive

Everyone is obsessed with apps; here's some information on why you shouldn't be.

Why Blogging Is Essential To A Business

        Have you ever gone to a business site, whether that’s a business or a website that sells products, and thought: “what do you guys do again?

Do Copywriters Matter?

  Lately, I’ve been having some doubts. Is what I’m doing ethical? Do I really matter? Does what I do matter? After all, I’m just a salesman – all I

In your copywriting, focus on ONE feature, not TEN…

One thing I'm quickly becoming aware of, is the books, guides, and gizmos that supposedly do EVERYTHING are becoming false promises in the eyes of not just me, but customers too.

Consumers HATE words…

What's in it for me? As clichéd as it is, there's a reason we copywriters say it so much...it's true!

How a complete stranger (and copywriting noob) FINALLY got me to open my first sales email..

  We all hate spam. It’s the bane of copywriters, and indeed everyone everywhere – and it’s chock full of bad copywriting and grammar mistakes.   Everyone hates it. It’s nothing

Why Places like ODesk are killing the writing industry.

Okay, I might be exaggerating slightly…   Odesk. Elance. PPH, or PeoplePerHour. If you’re a writer, like I am, you’ll have heard of these sites. They’re a great way to

On Writing & Persistence

I wrote this for myself as a small inspirational piece, but I figured other people might get something out of this. For me, it serves as a reminder of why

The Disadvantages Of Being A Freelance Copywriter

      Yes, yes – being a copywriter might look like a stellar job. We can get up when we want, we can eat when we want, hell –

The Many Benefits of Being a Freelance Copywriter

            The days when I’m not travelling around the UK, working for fashion outlets, I have a very lazy work day.   I start by


      I’ve had my fair share of screw-ups and betrayals.   Jeez, I make it sound like a Shakespeare play; but truth be told, people will always be

Why Is Research In Copywriting So Important?

  All the time you hear copywriting gurus tell you “Research is 80% of the work!”, “Do the research first, and the writing will come.” and so on.   But

Stop making your copywriting (or other product/service) a commodity, and charge what you’re worth!

          What do you do when you excitedly hand out your pricing to your prospects, fully expecting them to say “Wow! That’s great! When do we

Don’t Be Boring! Where You’re Going Wrong With Your Marketing

      These days, everyone and their mum has a blog. We all want our voice to be heard, understood, and valued. But let’s face it, most of it is

What IS Copywriting?

What is copywriting? Admittedly, this one probably should have been at the start, but hey-ho. I got carried away; y’know those times when you kind of have a brain dump

When is the best time NOT to market your copywriting business?

Marketing is to business what butter is to bread.   Without it, you’ve got only half of something great. Without an effective and properly-structured marketing plan, your business isn’t going