Distance Yourself From Your Copywriting – Or Find Disappointment In The Results!

As copywriters, as creative individuals, we tend to have a personal affiliation with our work. We care about it; it becomes ‘our baby’. Aside from a few rare individuals, we’re

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail!

      So many people are worried about making mistakes:   “Aw man! If this goes wrong, I’m gonna get fired!” “If this goes wrong, my kids aren’t going

5 Mistakes MOST Businesses Make When It Comes To Copywriting

Copywriting is incredibly important. It’s what brings you your sales – forget about your logo, your brand image, or how old your company is. It’s what you have, and how

NLP Copywriting Power-Words

Here’s an interesting post about the use of NLP in your copywriting:   Persuade With Silky Smooth Copy – Neuro Science Marketing   “It was a bad rough day.” See how the use

A Post On Professionalism (In More Than Just Copywriting!)

Hey guys,   been meaning to post this for a while now – been pretty busy. Anyway, now that I have a lot of my work cleared up, it’s time