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When you need to get a product or service selling like hotcakes, you need copywriting to do it.

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Inside, you’ll find a collection of some of my completed work for large companies, individual clients, and a range between the two.

What Clients Have Said

Ben is what I call a naturally talented and intuitive copywriter. His in-depth marketing knowledge and desire to dig deep in to every product makes him an invaluable addition to any business looking for more leads and ultimately more money. I highly recommend Ben as a copywriter with high-integrity and a real passion for wanting to help his clients.
Copywriter and CEO of

Who Am I?

The Man Behind The Words…

Words are powerful; that’s something I’ve always believed. Working as a copywriter, I believe that’s now doubly true.

I’m Ben, and I’m based near Birmingham, in the United Kingdom. I’ve been copywriting for several years now, and I love what I do. If you’d like to know more, why not scroll down and send me a message, or add me on Skype for a chat?

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